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The idea of generating a tropical dining oasis in one of the key cities in Florida started in 1988 when two brothers opened Pollo Tropical.  The founders, Stuart and Larry Harris, incepted a unique way of marinating chicken using natural citrus flavors and grilling them in open fire. Today, Pollo Tropical takes pride in their not having to freeze their chicken for pollo tropical menugrilling thereby providing a healthier meal to customers.  It has also been a restaurant vision to reduce customer wait time.  Some locations are even expanding their menu selections and offering limited wait service. But what everyone can come to expect at Pollo Tropical is the top notch food. Meet what’s today’s meal is by going over the offerings in the Pollo Tropical menu:

More Pollo Tropical Menu Options Than You Can Handle

TropiChops.  This is Pollo Tropical’s version of a traditional meal combination.  The idea is for customers to choose from a base ingredient which may be rice or beans, and a mixture of toppings.  Diners have the option to create their own combination from available selections like rice, lettuce, beans, tomatoes, corn kernels, onions, and pepper.

Tropical Favorites.  Items in this group can serve as a meal on their own or as mouth-watering appetizers.  It includes grilled wings, plantains, and yucca. Favorites that everyone can agree on.

Soups and Salads.  These are options of salads or soups with taste of chicken strips, corn, cheese, and tortilla. For the healthy conscious individual who wants to enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere associated with Pollo Tropical.

Caribbean Fajitas.  These are wrapped delights stuffed with cream cheese, vegetables, lettuce, salsa, and tortillas. Fajita lovers rejoice!

Wraps and Sandwiches.  This group in the menu is comprised of bread or bun choices mixed with chicken or pork, and garnished with vegetables, cheese, and mayo or sauce.  Traditional wraps and sandwiches but with some extra pizzazz made especially for you.

Trios and Platters.  These are made up of servings of chicken and pork recipes served with Pollo Tropical’s signature sauce. Larger meals that can be shared with others.

Sweet Treats.  Ideal for dessert, the menu selection includes flan, tres leches, guava cheesecake, fruity smoothies, and vanilla cones. Bring the kids along and enjoy the entrees and desserts together.

Side Dishes.  These are meal add on options.  Add on selections offer the different varieties of white, yellow, or brown rice, black or red beans, and vegetables like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, corn, and potatoes.


A group of diners can enjoy Pollo Tropical’s family meals with its offering of custom dishes.  Side dish choices are available too.  Children will also get to enjoy the treat in store for them with the restaurant’s Kid’s Meals. They really have a lot of everything at Pollo Tropical so give it a chance when you are near one next.

Locations and Treats

With Pollo Tropical’s international presence, you can find a store even if you are in Ecuador, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, or Puerto Rico.  Because the Pollo Tropical menu is customized for specific locations, it is recommended that before making that trip to the restaurant of your choice, you can go online to check what they have to offer on their specific Pollo Tropical menu.  And because the restaurant knows how to take care of its customers, they have introduced Pollo Rewards.  Pollo Rewards is a customer loyalty program where patrons are notified of any ongoing promotions and any coupons for Pollo Tropical.  This ensures that preferred customers get the best deals.  In addition to Pollo Rewards, gift cards are also available for customers to purchase and help spread the word.

In a place where the streets run busy and life proceeds with the speed of time, you deserve to take a break and pamper yourself with food.  Tropical Pollo is the place to be. Check out their Pollo Tropical menu today and you won’t be disappointed in the offerings.

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