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Pollo Tropical Coupons

Pollo Tropical has quickly made a name for themselves with mouth-watering specialty items served quick and in perfect order. It’s no secret what Pollo Tropical is doing. Using fresh chicken, free from hormones and trans-fat, they’ve taken their citrus-marinated chicken recipe from the open grill into the restaurant setting. They’ve added a number of other first-rate selections to their menu that has resonated well with their customers. They include Tropical favorites such as pollo tropical couponstheir succulent grilled tropical wings. TropiChops, which is a combination of meat, veggies, and rice loaded up any way you want. They have Platters and Trios like the hot Mojo Roast Pork, plus Caribbean fajitas if anyone is looking for a dish with a kick. Find more traditional meals such as Sandwiches and Wraps, Salads and Soups, and kid and family specialties. Your nearest Pollo Tropical is honored by your presence in their restaurant and using Pollo Tropical coupons at checkout can save you more than you expected.

Pollo Tropical came to be by two brothers, Larry and Stuart Harris, who opened up their first store in 1988 in Miami. It was there that they realized how much they mean to the people of Miami by the number of patrons would who visit their restaurant regularly. Over the years, they established themselves throughout the state of Florida and into Georgia. They now have locations throughout the Caribbean for a total of 120 locations in total. Visit the Pollo Tropical website to learn more about their history, locations, and menu items. You won’t be sorry to learn more about Pollo Tropical as it becomes a fixture in your family. The menu is chalk full of healthy chicken options with choices that will please the entire family.

Of course, being able to save a couple bucks for required expenses is a goal for most families. Pollo Tropical certainly understands the economic difficulties that families face in this day and age. That’s why they try to offer Pollo Tropical coupons to their most prized customers to help fray the cost of their meal. I’d like to point out a number of places to find a Pollo Tropical coupon today so you can get started saving for your next restaurant visit.

Poking Around For Pollo Tropical Coupons

On the Pollo Tropical website you will find information about Pollo Tropical coupons and a Pollo Rewards program that is hard to beat when compared to peers. What is necessary for the customer is to visit the website and sign up for the Pollo Rewards program, which offers exclusive, members-only discounts and coupons. Enter your name, email address and phone number to begin receiving emails and text messages related to Pollo Tropical coupons, including contests and reward information. It’s free, easy, and simple to sign up.

Additionally on their website, you can find great specials promoted on their homepage. Right now there is special offer to create your own TropiChop Endless Variety for $4.99 with a drink. These specials change frequently so be sure to check back often to see what they next. Pollo Tropical loves to surprise their online customers with excellent promotions as a thank you for putting them in a position to succeed with their famous chicken recipes.

Finding a Pollo Tropical Coupon Online

If you’re a member of the social media website, Facebook, then it’s likely you have many friends who you converse with regularly. Pollo Tropical has formed a Facebook page to stay in contact with some of their most loyal fans, answering questions, posting Contests, and offering a Pollo Tropical coupon from time to time. Become a “friend” of Pollo Tropical on Facebook and share in the fun and excitement with all the other Pollo Tropical lovers around the world. Be sure to pay even closer attention in 2013 for coupons for Pollo Tropical on their Facebook page to commemorate the new year.

To locate other great saving opportunities on Pollo Tropical menu items, it’s smart to search the Internet for other coupons for Pollo Tropical that aren’t listed on their website. Reputable coupon sites like RetailMeNot and FatWallet are a great way to find other coupons. These websites are formed by communities that list coupons that have worked, followed through by visitors who have commented on their success rate or their experience with them. These sites are great alternatives besides the main Pollo Tropical website. Be sure to check out these sites regularly because new Pollo Tropical coupons come and go quickly.

Let Pollo Tropical cater to your family and friends when you’re seeking scrumptious chicken specialties. Scour their pollo tropical couponmenu to become familiar with what they offer. Join their Pollo Tropical Rewards program to begin generating points towards meal discounts in the future. Pay close attention to their website to see what is the special for the month. Become friends with Pollo Tropical on Facebook to share your love of Pollo Tropical food with others and seek out opportunities to gain Pollo Tropical coupons there. External coupon websites are also ways to get ahold of coupons for Pollo Tropical that will end up saving you a bundle when it’s time to pay for your meals. Starting from the ground up just over 25 years ago, Pollo Tropical has maintained a strong hold in many Southern states as well as Caribbean to bring you delicious platters that you won’t soon forget.

Pollo Tropical Menu

The idea of generating a tropical dining oasis in one of the key cities in Florida started in 1988 when two brothers opened Pollo Tropical.  The founders, Stuart and Larry Harris, incepted a unique way of marinating chicken using natural citrus flavors and grilling them in open fire. Today, Pollo Tropical takes pride in their not having to freeze their chicken for pollo tropical menugrilling thereby providing a healthier meal to customers.  It has also been a restaurant vision to reduce customer wait time.  Some locations are even expanding their menu selections and offering limited wait service. But what everyone can come to expect at Pollo Tropical is the top notch food. Meet what’s today’s meal is by going over the offerings in the Pollo Tropical menu:

More Pollo Tropical Menu Options Than You Can Handle

TropiChops.  This is Pollo Tropical’s version of a traditional meal combination.  The idea is for customers to choose from a base ingredient which may be rice or beans, and a mixture of toppings.  Diners have the option to create their own combination from available selections like rice, lettuce, beans, tomatoes, corn kernels, onions, and pepper.

Tropical Favorites.  Items in this group can serve as a meal on their own or as mouth-watering appetizers.  It includes grilled wings, plantains, and yucca. Favorites that everyone can agree on.

Soups and Salads.  These are options of salads or soups with taste of chicken strips, corn, cheese, and tortilla. For the healthy conscious individual who wants to enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere associated with Pollo Tropical.

Caribbean Fajitas.  These are wrapped delights stuffed with cream cheese, vegetables, lettuce, salsa, and tortillas. Fajita lovers rejoice!

Wraps and Sandwiches.  This group in the menu is comprised of bread or bun choices mixed with chicken or pork, and garnished with vegetables, cheese, and mayo or sauce.  Traditional wraps and sandwiches but with some extra pizzazz made especially for you.

Trios and Platters.  These are made up of servings of chicken and pork recipes served with Pollo Tropical’s signature sauce. Larger meals that can be shared with others.

Sweet Treats.  Ideal for dessert, the menu selection includes flan, tres leches, guava cheesecake, fruity smoothies, and vanilla cones. Bring the kids along and enjoy the entrees and desserts together.

Side Dishes.  These are meal add on options.  Add on selections offer the different varieties of white, yellow, or brown rice, black or red beans, and vegetables like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, corn, and potatoes.


A group of diners can enjoy Pollo Tropical’s family meals with its offering of custom dishes.  Side dish choices are available too.  Children will also get to enjoy the treat in store for them with the restaurant’s Kid’s Meals. They really have a lot of everything at Pollo Tropical so give it a chance when you are near one next.

Locations and Treats

With Pollo Tropical’s international presence, you can find a store even if you are in Ecuador, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, or Puerto Rico.  Because the Pollo Tropical menu is customized for specific locations, it is recommended that before making that trip to the restaurant of your choice, you can go online to check what they have to offer on their specific Pollo Tropical menu.  And because the restaurant knows how to take care of its customers, they have introduced Pollo Rewards.  Pollo Rewards is a customer loyalty program where patrons are notified of any ongoing promotions and any coupons for Pollo Tropical.  This ensures that preferred customers get the best deals.  In addition to Pollo Rewards, gift cards are also available for customers to purchase and help spread the word.

In a place where the streets run busy and life proceeds with the speed of time, you deserve to take a break and pamper yourself with food.  Tropical Pollo is the place to be. Check out their Pollo Tropical menu today and you won’t be disappointed in the offerings.

What You Should Know About Pollo Tropical Catering

Are you looking for a nutritious way to enjoy your meals even with the daily hustle and bustle that characterizes your life? Your search ends today with Pollo Tropical catering. Pollo Tropical prides themselves in the provision of a menu that is inspired by the sights and sounds of the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for the perfect menu to suit a birthday party, or you want to entertain guests at your wedding reception, Pollo Tropical has just the right menu that is sure to make an impression on even the toughest group.

In addition, they are ready to accommodate any size group that a client would like to cater to. From small intimate gatherings to huge outdoor events, their professional catering staff is here to satisfy your needs and your appetite as well. There are several packages available, which are designed so as to meet the different tastes that their clients have.pollo tropical catering

Pollo Tropical catering can trace its roots to the year 1988, where it began all for the love of well made grilled chicken marinated in citrus. Over the years, this has grown to be a lifestyle that combines proper health and tropical flavors in perfect measure. The unbridled passion that characterizes meal preparation ensures that clients get the freshest of foods.

Their menu, which includes chicken, for instance, is prepared from high quality chicken that is hormone-free and trans-fat free. The latter aspect is a factor that many clients are on the lookout for. This just means that they put your health as first priority. Whether you would like to enjoy the grilled chicken, or savor the delights of roasted pork, the menu has just what you need.

Why You Should Use Pollo Tropical Catering?

Of course, the first reason is the high standards of cleanliness that is observed at the facilities. Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness. Pollo Tropical has taken this notion a step beyond to ensure that the clients’ health safety comes first. All the food preparation and the cooking procedures are performed at the same facilities so you can enjoy your meal to the fullest. All the packages available are inclusive of cutlery and crockery. There is little headache when it comes to placing your orders since they have prepared a number of pre-defined menus for different groups of people. Affordability is also of the essence seeing as they provide catering services for as low as 6 dollars per head. So, you have no excuse for getting quality catering services at your event.

Ordering is simple from Pollo Tropical because of the stress free ordering process. No more mulling over a huge lineup of foods only to be more confused then when you started. People want simplicity in their orders and that’s what Pollo Tropical offers….their pre-set menus help outline your needs based on the number of people you’re expecting (15,25,50). Then each group can select from a list of Caribbean BBQ, classic pollo, classic pollo and roast pork, island wraps, mojo roast pork, tropi chops, wings, side dishes and desserts. These are fabulous options and can be had even cheaper when you seek out coupons for Pollo Tropical during your investigate process. Be sure to give the catering services at Pollo Tropical a try during your next big family outing or business event.